About Us

"Styled to Conquer"

Founder story

Florentina Agu tells stories through fabric, weaving tales of empowerment, resilience, and style with every stitch of her creations. From the age of 13, smitten by the allure of designer clothing, she began honing her craft through dressmaking classes in school.

Fast forward to her third year of university, where, as the faculty president, she experienced the transformative power of the perfect outfit. Watching as her creations compelled the world around her, this revelation ignited the desire to inspire confidence in women across the globe through clothes. In 2020, Hertunba, her sustainable luxury couture brand was born. 

As life has guided her through its corridors, Florentina waltzes through milestones—celebrating graduation, the excitement of moving into her first apartment, the kaleidoscope of travelling around the world, the sting of heartbreak, the warmth of finding love, and the thrill of opening her first store—knowing she has solace and a means for expression in her designs.


Derived from the word “Her” and the Yoruba title “Otunba,” Hertunba is more than a fashion brand, but a narrative of beauty and strength woven in fabric. Every thread and stitch holds an essence of confidence, sensuality, and charisma that defines the Hertunba woman. She embraces sophistication, elegance, and an undeniably feminine style in her every strut. Hertunba is not just tailored for the body but for the spirit; we celebrate the uniqueness of every woman.

Protecting the Earth

In the heart of Hertunba lies a commitment to protect our Earth. Every year, a staggering 13 million tons of textiles go to waste, and we believe change begins with us. Guided by Florentina's passion for the environment, Hertunba makes a difference by pledging to be environmentally friendly. We reduce landfill waste, ensuring 90% of our excesses find new life as handcrafted interior decor, such as rugs and throw pillows, or are pieced together into stunning wearable art. Hertunba keeps its promise to the Earth, one elegant and sustainable design at a time.

Supporting women 

At the core of our business lies a commitment to empowering artisans — weavers, threaders, and tailors — who meticulously handcraft each Hertunba creation. Through tailored training, local women learn to sew, weave, and thread, opening doors to low-barrier career opportunities. Our artisans are compensated per piece. 

Our dedication extends further, as 10% of our net profits fuels our adult education program for women in lower income brackets. With Hertunba, each purchase spurs women on a path of self-sufficiency.