About Hertunba

Hertunba is a sustainable fashion brand delivering classy, affordable, ready-to-wear clothes for ambitious African women. 

The Hertunba woman is a strong woman whose confidence, style and charisma challenge the status quo. 

We understand that every woman's body is different so apart from our regular sizing, we also take in custom sizes to ensure that every cloth fits its owner. (you can insert the link to the size form)

Protecting the earth and supporting women

Every year, 13 million tons of textiles go to waste. 95% of these textiles can be reused or recycled. Hertunba reduces landfill waste by upcycling waste generated during production. 

Also, a percentage of our profit (insert actual figure) goes to a project that provides adult education for less privileged Nigerian women. We believe that to protect the girl child, her mother must be empowered with education. 

Shopping at Hertunba is one of the many ways you can give back to society. 

Hertunba is coined from the word “Her” and the Yoruba title “Otunba”.