Hertunba invites you into Lula Land, a dreamscape where Nigerian cultural aesthetics take center stage in a showcase of dreamy pieces that are as elegant as they are empowering.

 Lula Land is inspired by an imaginary place of solace filled with unparalleled joy and laughter. In this collection, the designer Florentina Agu revisits a vacation island she used to visit as a child when things got tough. She’d close her eyes and escape to this beautiful land where only women lived. All the women there looked happy and wore the brightest colors and the fluffiest clothes. This imaginary vacation island saw her through the most difficult times in her life, and here she’d see clothes that looked like nothing she had seen before. When she was there, nothing else mattered, and she was at peace.

The Lula Land collection, although whimsical and evoking a dreamscape, is grounded in the designer’s passion for preserving memory and heritage. The pieces in this collection boast age old indigenous weaving practices which are getting lost in modernity. The spin on Akwete, Aso-oke, Itive, Ivavtyo, all gifts of indigenous crafts, passed down through generations, embodies the designer’s deep respect for culture.

The collection therefore looks to introduce the audience to the beauty and diversity of Nigerian cultural techniques and aesthetics, as well as a dream of a more united future, woven together by shared appreciation. Lula Land features pieces like the Coat of Many Colors kaftan which features weaving techniques from all over Nigeria.

Florentina, as is in the ethos of her creative pursuits, seeks to preserve this rich heritage for future generations by transforming them through her design into Wearable Art.

Explore Lula Land here. Wearing these handcrafted pieces is an opportunity to stun in a world of your own making, while celebrating the cultural legacy these pieces carry.