Hertunba invites you into Lula Land, a dreamscape where Nigerian cultural aesthetics take center stage in a showcase of dreamy pieces that are as elegant as they are empowering.

 Lula Land is inspired by an imaginary place of solace filled with unparalleled joy and laughter. In this collection, the designer Florentina Agu revisits a vacation island she used to visit as a child when things got tough. She’d close her eyes and escape to this beautiful land where only women lived. All the women there looked happy and wore the brightest colors and the fluffiest clothes. This imaginary vacation island saw her through the most difficult times in her life, and here she’d see clothes that looked like nothing she had seen before. When she was there, nothing else mattered, and she was at peace.

The Lula Land collection, although whimsical and evoking a dreamscape, is grounded in the designer’s passion for preserving memory and heritage. The pieces in this collection boast age old indigenous weaving practices which are getting lost in modernity. The spin on Akwete, Aso-oke, Itive, Ivavtyo, all gifts of indigenous crafts, passed down through generations, embodies the designer’s deep respect for culture.

The collection therefore looks to introduce the audience to the beauty and diversity of Nigerian cultural techniques and aesthetics, as well as a dream of a more united future, woven together by shared appreciation. Lula Land features pieces like the Coat of Many Colors kaftan which features weaving techniques from all over Nigeria.

Florentina, as is in the ethos of her creative pursuits, seeks to preserve this rich heritage for future generations by transforming them through her design into Wearable Art.

Explore Lula Land here. Wearing these handcrafted pieces is an opportunity to stun in a world of your own making, while celebrating the cultural legacy these pieces carry.

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Ilouwa (reborn)

Ilouwa is the Igbo belief in reincarnation, it is a belief that when one dies they can come back to life sometimes to finish or complete unfinished ambitions. This collection draws inspiration from that belief, giving items people and ideas a second or even third chance at becoming something even more beautiful. Featuring upcycled akwette and asoke wrappers. this collection is a celebration of creativity, sustainability, and the art of transformation.

In a world where fast fashion dominates, this collection encourages us to slow down, appreciate craftsmanship, and recognize the potential for beauty in the discarded.

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Sunday Culture

Introducing the Sunday Culture Collection, a heartfelt homage to the lively Sunday culture in Nigeria. This collection draws inspiration from the enchanting tradition of dressing up for Sunday service, indulging in afternoon brunch, and celebrating evening events. For Florentina and many Nigerians, Sundays hold a special place for distinctive fashion statements.
The collection is a delicious array of elaborate, glamorous kaftans, dresses, and suits that embrace the diverse Sunday culture in Nigeria. With elements like Akwette, Nsibidi writing, and Agbada-inspired designs, the collection aims to capture the essence of a Sunday morning, reflecting the joy, excitement, and festive atmosphere in the air.
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Sunday Culture - Hertunba

Hertunba Sound Wave Collection

Introducing the Hertunba Sound Wave Collection – a symphony of African fashion interwoven with the vibrant, pulsating hues of sound. Each dress in this collection resonates with the lively interplay of colours inspired by the dynamic dance of the notes that become music, capturing its emotions and rhythm.

Beyond their visual allure, the garments show off innovative design elements and techniques, bringing a fresh perspective to African fashion. Celebrate your individuality through the essence of our African heritage, cultural pride, and a love for vibrant fashion by choosing these handcrafted, colourful dresses.
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Hertunba Sound Wave Collection

The Most Wanted Collection

The Most Wanted Collection is a celebration of our shared love for beauty, colours, and Nigerian women. This collection reflects our connection and the appreciation we hold for each other as two Nigerian women-owned brands. Thus, the pieces in this collection embody the essence of everyday women who express themselves through fashion and beauty, offering elegant day looks and sophisticated evening ensembles. We invite you to immerse yourself in this ode to the multifaceted beauty of women.

With love from Hertunba and Beauty by AD.
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Hertunba X Beauty by AD - Hertunba

The Eden Collection

Florentina Agu spent days at Lufasi park listening to the wind's whispers and immersing herself in the vibrant hues of her surroundings. The inspiration came from the striking shades of a Lagos sunset and the lush vegetation at Lufasi Park. Each piece in this collection is a nod to the raw beauty of nature in its most authentic form.
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The Eden Collection - Hertunba


Dear Eve is a collection born from Florentina's deep admiration for the diverse and inspiring women who grace her life with their unique stories and strengths.

With 10 different designs and four muses, this collection is an ode to the beauty and versatility that defines the essence of being a woman. 

Experience the allure of Dear Eve, and add a touch of timeless elegance to your wardrobe.

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DEAR EVE - Hertunba

The Future of Color collection

Presenting "The Future of Color" collection, where colour transcends beyond aesthetics to become a language, a tool of expression, and a means of communication.

Throughout my journey, I've used colours to communicate my emotions and discover new dimensions. This collection is my visual representation of the emotions colours evoke within me.

May the greens and yellows instill in you and those who adore you the same confidence that radiates when I adorn them. 

May the peaches and blues evoke the beauty and calmness I experience in the embrace of blue tones.

Above all, I hope that the colours in this collection inspire someone to embrace life anew.

Here's to a future filled with unapologetic boldness and beauty of colour.


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The Future of Color  collection

Action Lady collection

Immerse yourself in the pulsating vibrancy of Lagos with our Action Lady Collection. Inspired by the vivacious lifestyle of young, ambitious women in the city, each piece reflects the dynamic energy — from the deep blue shades of the Atlantic Ocean to the bold yellows of iconic buses and the rich browns mirroring the diverse skin tones of Lagos.

Featuring 18 distinctive designs, from structured suits to flowing lounge dresses, with its star piece - The coat of many colours, being a canvas of hand-stitched mosaics using different cuts of Ankara fabrics, ensuring each blazer is unique. No two pieces are alike.

Invite the soulful vibrance that is Lagos in your wardrobe with a unique piece handcrafted just for you. 

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Action Lady collection